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Generous donations from our supporters help us to reach out to more community members. For more information on what ACSA accepts and how to donate, make sure to visit our Donations page.

Working at ACSA

Having more than 40 years of history and driven by its mission to serve Scarborough residents, ACSA is proud to employ over 110 great people.  All our employees are committed to ACSA mission and values and dedicated to making a difference in our communities through daily hard work.

Who will tell us about working at ACSA better than our team members? Read some employee testimonials.

For Job Opportunities, visit Working at ACSA.

Volunteering with ACSA

Agincourt Community Services Associations' Volunteer Program is a place where community members—regardless of language, culture, religion, gender, immigration status or social status—have equal opportunities to contribute, impact and make positive changes that are meaningful to the community where we live, work, and play. Our Volunteer Program is mainly composed of people who live in the community and represent a variety of ages, ethnicities, cultures and languages.



Through volunteering at ACSA, volunteers and students gained:

  • Customer service skills
  • English and overall communication skills
  • Expanded social networks
  • Satisfaction in helping those in need
  • A sense of belonging

For more information about ACSA's current volunteer opportunities and application process, make sure to visit our Volunteering page.

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Community voices

I knew from day 1 that they [ACSA] really strives to make people's lives better. They helped me get back on track and better my life tremendously.
R. MacLean, July 2022

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