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Tax Clinic 2018

ACSA’s Financial Empowerment and Problem Solving (FEPS) program income tax clinic works in collaboration with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) to prepare tax returns for clients with modest income and simple tax situations. Our services are free to eligible individuals.

Our clinics operate out of our 3 sites from March 1st – May 5th 2018 by appointment only:

ACSA Main Office

100-4155 Sheppard Ave. East

Toronto, ON M1S 1T4

416-321-6912 ext. 221

Monday – Friday 10AM – 4PM

Saturday 10AM – 3PM

**Year-round tax clinic offered at this location

Dorset Park Community HUB

105-1911 Kennedy Road

Toronto, ON M1P 2L9

416-292-6912 ext. 300

Tuesday and Wednesday 10AM-4PM

Saturday 10AM – 3PM

Chester Le Community Corner

201 Chester Le Blvd, 2nd floor

Toronto, ON M1W 2K7

416-491-3456 ext. 400

Thursday 10AM – 4PM


Eligibility criteria as per Canada Revenue Agency's CVITP:

Family Size

Maximum income level

1 Person


2 Persons


  • +$2,500 to maximum income level for each additional dependent
  • Interest income must be less than $1,000


We do not prepare returns for clients who:

  • have self-employment income
  • have business or rental income and expenses
  • have capital gains or losses
  • have employment expenses
  • file for bankruptcy
  • are deceased in the year


Documents to bring to appointment:

  • ID, one piece of government-issued identification (e.g., Health card, driver’s licence, PR card) with name and date of birth
  • SIN (Social Insurance Number) card
  • Tax information slips and receipts (relevant T slips)
  • T5007 – Social assistance payments or Worker’s compensation benefits (OW &ODSP)
  • T4 – Salary and wages
  • T2202A – Tuition fees and education amount (accessed through student account)
  • T4A, T5, T3 – Pension, annuity and investment income, savings bonds (includes scholarships/bursaries)
  • T4(OAS) – Old age security or Guaranteed income supplement or spouse’s allowance
  • T4A(P) – Canada Pension Plan
  • T4RSP, T4RRIF – Registered retirement savings plan, Registered Retirement Income Fund income
  • T4E – Employment Insurance benefits
  • 2016 Income tax return, Notice of Assessment (Optional)
  • Banking information for direct deposit (Void cheque, direct deposit information from bank)
  • For tenants: Bring rent receipts, proof of rent (e.g., letter from landlord, receipts or canceled cheques).
  • For homeowners: Bring property tax receipts, mortgage statement
  • Medical receipts
  • Transit passes (i.e.,Metropasses, NOT applicable to clients on OW or ODSP)
  • Donation receipts
  • Clients with dependents: Dependent’s ID (e.g., Health card, birth certificate, SIN card), child care receipts, fitness and art program receipts


*Missing or lost tax information slips can be retrieved from Canada Revenue Agency. Please call CRA's individual income tax enquiry line at 1-800-959-8281.


The Financial Empowerment and Problem Solving (FEPS) program provides one-on-one support on financial matters such as:

  • Year-round tax filing (Current and previous years, up to 10 years)
  • Assistance resolving Canada Revenue Agency issues
  • Application for government benefits (i.e., Child Tax Benefit, GST, CPP, OAS, GIS and OTB)
  • One-on-one budgeting
  • Debt management (information and referral)
  • Financial literacy workshops (i.e., Importance of filing taxes, Basic banking, credit and budgeting)


For more information, click here for more information on FEPS


Contact Information

Lay Lee 

Coordinator, Financial Empowerment and Problem Solving (FEPS)

Agincourt Community Services Association

4155 Sheppard Ave E, Suite 100

Toronto, Ontario  M1S 1T4

Tel: (416) 321-6912 x 245


Fax:  (416) 321-6922



Financial Empowerment and Problem Solving (FEPS) Worker

Agincourt Community Services Association

4155 Sheppard Ave E, Suite 100

Toronto, Ontario  M1S 1T4

Tel: (416) 321-6912 ext. 246



To book a tax appointment, contact reception at (416) 321-6912 ext. 221


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I knew from day 1 that they [ACSA] really strives to make people's lives better. They helped me get back on track and better my life tremendously.
R.MacLean, July 2022

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