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Safer and Stronger Women Project

ACSA Newcomers' Centre received funding from the Canadian Women's Foundation under the Shockproofing Communities Grant through funding from  the Department of Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE)  that supports RECOVERY projects and collaborations that move beyond immediate emergency needs to respond to issues raised by the pandemic.  We hope to serve Black, refugee, non-status, racialized and immigrant/migrant women and girls on this project.  

Major Components of the Project:

(a) Capacity building:  Increase knowledge and enhance capacity of ACSA staff and its partners, on gender-based violence, trauma-informed care, crisis intervention, service navigation of complex systems around gender violence, including immigration, criminal justice, housing, social services, financial supports, etc. By helping service providers increase their knowledge and skills to respond to gender based violence, we are able to support women/girls more effectively.

(b) Crisis Intervention: We will provide information and referral, short-term and brief crisis counselling for women/girls and engage them in a helping process using a trauma-informed service delivery model.   

(c) A Women-focused Tech Hub: This will allow women and girls to engage in digital literacy using standards-based techniques enriched by creativity and innovation that embraces digital spaces, content, and resources and emphasizes that the process of learning as important end product.  The Women-focused Tech Hub will incorporate digital citizenship that enhances understanding of human, cultural, and societal issues, creating pathways to critical thinking and ability to navigate basic to complex systems and engage in informed decision making.  The Tech Hub will provide a place for women to gather, access services, learn from each other and gain information to protect themselves from abuse and crisis situations. 

(d) Women-focused Language Program:  This is a survivor and learner focused language program that upholds a learner autonomy centred approach. We will integrate lessons that will help women increase awareness on their rights, identifying signs of gender-based violence and resources available to help them.  We will integrate some portions of Workplace Language and Skills training to support intermediate learners to help encourage them to pursue continuing education or find employment;

(e) Wrap Around supports:  We will connect clients to other programs and services from within ACSA to provide wrap around services such as housing support,  access to food security programs, language training, settlement counseling, skills training, etc.  


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For more information please contact:

Jamillah T. Mananghaya-Poernama

Senior Manager

Telephone: (416) 292-6912 ext. 323



LANGUAGES AVAILABLE TO SERVE YOU BETTER: Arabic, Cantonese, Dari, Hindi, Panjabi, Pashto, Malayalam, Mandarin, Persian, Russian,Sinhala, Ukrainian, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu



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