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Playing For Keeps


Playing for Keeps Neighbourhood Games are locally organized, playful activities that bring people together to share an experience, have fun and play. Games can cover a range of activities such as sports, arts, music and food – everything from basketball tournaments to hopscotch, from community gardening to grandmas and tot walks, from street dancing to mega glee clubs.


What costs or activities ARE eligible for a micro-grant?

  • Purchase or rental of sports equipment, art supplies, party supplies, etc.,
  • Promotion – flyer printing and copying, poster printing and copying, signage, and
  • Food and refreshments.
  • Also, a 30 seconds – 2 minutes video must be submitted to the website provided below

What costs or activities are NOT eligible for a micro-grant?

  • Activities that have already taken place will not be funded. For example, paying for an event that has already happened.
  • Regular program activities. For example, paying for program expenses for consecutive sessions.
  • Payment to individuals including honouraria, gifts, entertainment/performance costs, speaker fees.
  • Prizes or incentives to participants, and
  • Any alcoholic beverage.


How can a P4K contribute to an agency/organization program or service?

  • A P4K can ‘kick start’ a program or service. For example, paying for a chess set, food and refreshments to support a Chess Program.
  • A P4K can celebrate the success of the end of a program. For example, paying for party supplies to celebrate the end of a Tai Chi program.
  • A P4K could help Youth Outreach Workers engage local youth residents to participate in a neighbourhood game. For example, a Youth Outreach Worker applying to host a youth community dance off, and paying for food, refreshments and flyer printing.
  • Staff can apply for games to be initiated for agency meetings. For example, a hoola Hoop competition can be an ice breaker for the meeting, and the staff can purchase a hoola hoop and refreshments.


Frequently asked Questions and things to know.

  • If a neighbourhood game is being reapplied to play again, then new participants must be involved.
  • If a new game is being applied, to a group that has previously participated in a neighbourhood game, then this is acceptable.
  • There must be communication about the game four days in advance. For example, putting up a poster, email blast, newsletter etc... four days before a neighbourhood game.
  • P4K swag needs to be in videos. For example, participants could wave a flag while hoola hooping in a completion.
  • If there are promotional opportunities for Toronto Foundation to be highlighted as a partner/funder/sponsor, then please contact Pramila at


If you are interested in applying, please visit


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