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Online LINC Program


The Online LINC Study Program is a FREE online language support to increase the language skills of newcomers & help them in their daily social interactions & acquisition of Canadian citizenship.  It’s also intended to improve the newcomers’ knowledge of Canada, Canadian civics, Canadian workplace & Canadian citizenship.  This program will assist clients to become proficient in their Speaking, Listening, Reading, & Writing skills in English.  It will be streamlined & co-located with the settlement services provided by ACSA onsite.     This program eliminates childcare costs, transportation & classroom rentals while helping newcomers save time, energy, & money by attending classes in the comfort of their homes.  Clients with CLB level 3-5 will participate in weekly webinars where lessons are taught & interaction is encouraged.  Clients have weekly one-on-one tutorial session with a qualified Teacher.   Lessons are diverse, practical & useful to the daily interactions of the newcomers & getting to know Canada as their new home.   

For more information about the program and to register please call Lakshmi at (416) 292-6912 ext. 321


Community voices

"My experience in both Silver Spring Park Reading Circle and Beyond Academics has taught me that to create social change and empower these children I need to be more proactive in the solution"
Lamyaa Hassan, Dorset Park, July 2015

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