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The Newcomers' Centre provides services to newcomers to assist them in their settlement and integration process.  We were established in 2010 and generously funded by the Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  We offer a wide array of services from information and referral, one-on-one settlement counseling support, employment referral, upgrading of skills, preparation of immigration related application forms (PR renewal and application for citizenship), orientation sessions, filling out forms, etc. 

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Needs Assessment & Referrals

Newcomers are provided with formal needs assessment & referrals by experienced Settlement Counselors.  We connect newcomers to community resources  and local supports either internally to ACSA’s programs & services, through the Dorset Park Community Hub’s complementary services onsite or externally, to other local resources.   Clients are welcomed back to access further services as new emerging needs and trends arise.

To book an appointment with a Settlement Counselor please contact: 
Tracy Yu, Settlement Team Lead (Mandarin and Cantonese)        (416) 292-6912) ext. 325
Karuna Wimalasuriya, Settlement Counselor (Sinhala)                 (416) 292-6912) ext. 324
Nedal Alsheikh, Settlement Counselor (Arabic)                            (416) 292-6912) ext 322   
Shaden Jebahi, Settlement Counselor (Arabic)                             (416) 292-6912) ext 335
Liana Rizikov, Settlement Counselor (Ukrainian, Russian)            (416) 292-6912 ext. 320
Iryna Nikitchyna, Settlement Counselor (Ukrainian, Russian)       (416) 292-6912) ext. 338
Shahireh Rehamn, Settlement Counselor (Dari, Farsi, French)      (416) 292-6912 ext. 302


Newcomer Orientation

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all Newcomer Orientation sessions have transitioned online. 

Newcomers access coherent and complementary information related to life in Canada.  Individual, family, & group orientation sessions are conducted at various locations such as public libraries, Dorset Park Community Hub, & other service providers’ locations.  Topics include (but not limited to) financial literacy, immigration updates/rules, upgrading skills in Canada, foreign credentials assessment, bridging programs, children and family related topics, etc.  To register to our Newcomer Orientation sessions, please call (416) 292-6912 ext. 3.


Citizenship Test Preparation Workshops (in-person and online) - in person is temporarily suspended due to Covid-19

Our Citizenship Preparation workshops include both in-person (class & tutorial) and online (webinar) formats.  We conduct (10) series composed of (5) workshops per series, citizenship test preparation workshops on an annual basis.  Clients are guided in learning the details of Discover Canada guide & to help them successfully pass the knowledge test of Citizenship test.  For questions to sign up for our Citizenship Test Preparation Workshop please call Shaden Jebahi, Settlement Counselor at (416) 292-6912 ext. 335 or Nedal Alsheikh, Settlement Counselor at (416) 292-6912 ext. 322.

ACSA Newcomers' Centre currently provides Webinar Recordings on Citizenship Preparation available for all eligible clients to access anywhere anytime that's suitable to them. Participants are provided with handouts & practice tests. 


Online Language Training Program

The Online Language Training Program is a FREE online language support to increase the language skills of newcomers & help them in their daily social interactions & acquisition of Canadian citizenship.  It’s also intended to improve the newcomers’ knowledge of Canada, Canadian civics, Canadian workplace & Canadian citizenship.  This program assists clients to become proficient in their Speaking, Listening, Reading, & Writing skills in English.    This program eliminates childcare costs, transportation & classroom rentals while helping newcomers save time, energy, & money by attending classes in the comfort of their homes.  Clients with CLB level 3-5 will participate in weekly webinars where lessons are taught & interaction is encouraged.  Clients have weekly one-on-one tutorial session with a qualified Teacher.   Lessons are diverse, practical & useful to the daily interactions of the newcomers & getting to know Canada as their new home.   


To know more information about Citizenship Test Preparation Workshops and Online Language Training Program please contact:
Christine Markwell, Language and Training Team Lead
Anthony Maciel, Language Program Specialist
Seza Sarkes, Language and Training Specialist
(416) 292-6912 ext. 321 


Newcomer Entrepreneurship

This is an initiative that will embark on collaborative partnership to reduce the barriers experienced by newcomer entrepreneurs when starting their business in Canada.  It provides a platform that is newcomer focused, putting special recognition to the barriers faced by newcomers and investing on their talents and experiences.  This includes knowledge building and sharing, business coaching and mentorship, building connections, and introducing newcomers to business tools/resources and access to start up funds. 

We are currently open for registration for:









To know more information about this program, please contact: 
Seza Sarkes, Language and Training Specialist

Seniors’ Café

We support the Seniors’ Café hosted at the Dorset Park Community Hub on a weekly basis (Fridays, 10am-12pm) to promote newcomer seniors’ general well-being, broaden social networks, promote good health, eliminate social isolation, & increase accessibility to public institutions, employers & cross-cultural recreational activities.  This group promotes diversity and interaction in a multi-cultural setting.  To register please call (416) 292-6912 ext. 3.

To know more information please contact:
Tracy Yu, Settlement Counselor, Settlement Team Lead


Youth Summer Program

We provide support for newcomer youth.  Every summer, we invite newcomer youth to participate at our Summer Youth Program.  





Skills Training Advancement for Refugees (STAR) - PROJECT COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY

Capacity building for newcomers, immigrants, refugees and equity seeking groups to equip them with certification to be able to get employment, continue further education or start their own business


he Syrian Newcomer Project is a unique and exciting Project that has empowered over 500 Syrian Newcomers to rebuild their lives in Canada through skills training and acquiring certification and licenses to practice selected occupations in Ontario. These skills trainings were provided in parallel with other supports such as connecting them with employment supports, language programs, educational opportunities, professional networks and community connections. The Project involved a mentorship component and offered financial literacy support to promote socio-economic inclusion and long term financial security.  This initiative started in 2016 to respond to the wave of Syrian refugee arrival in Toronto.    

Capacity Building - Health and Wellness Program - PROJECT COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY

Our Capacity Building- Health & Wellness program follows a curriculum developed by ACSA-Newcomers’ Centre called Project HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) was completed in March 2017.  We delivered 10 series of workshops with 6 sessions each series.  The Progran was most welcomed by the newcomer community in all cultures for its focus on mental and physical well-being of newcomers who typically experience stress, depression, & illnesses due to pre-migration & current life experiences.  Yoga and meditation exercises were built- in into every session.  Referrals to community health services were provided.  

For information on our Project HEAL workshops please see the flyer below

Project HEAL Flyer

Capacity Building – Peer Leader Training - PROJECT COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY

The Newcomers’ Centre trained newcomer community leaders and professionals to become Peer Leaders of the Project HEAL.  After a 2-day intensive training on facilitation, nutrition, healthy practices, peer leaders were invited to get involved in our Project HEAL sessions as Co-Facilitators. Peer leaders are equipped with another language which is an advantage to reach out to other ethnic groups to deliver the program.   Many success stories have evolved from this project which was completed in April 2017!!




Community voices

I knew from day 1 that they [ACSA] really strives to make people's lives better. They helped me get back on track and better my life tremendously.
R.MacLean, July 2022

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