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COMMUNITY SERVICES | Working with Scarborough residents to build strong and healthy communities

Homeless & Outreach Services


The Drop-In is City-funded and operates six days each week throughout the year, offering a host of programs to adults that are homeless or living in precarious housing. The program offers breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks, access to computers and internet, phones, TTC tokens, showers, clothing and other personal care supplies. We have a primary care physician clinic operating on alternating Fridays, a foot clinic on Thursdays, and Dental Coach services throughout the year.

Social programs include a Women’s Group and Art Group. We are always looking for volunteers to help with our kitchen program.

Street Outreach Services

Our outreach program is City-funded and serves clients that live in encampments, under bridges, in rail yards or on the street. Relationship building through active engagement has been pivotal to establishing trust and support with the end goal of helping clients to obtain permanent housing. The outreach team provides informal counseling, linkages with income supports offices, and assistance with housing searches. The catchment area includes Scarborough and stretches west to Jane Street in North York.

Housing Help Program

This program is City-funded and includes the following services:

Housing Follow-up Case Management: Our Case Manager provides intensive case management support services to clients with complex needs, including significant mental and physical health and addictions issues. Services are provided within the housing-first model, where securing and stabilizing housing is the primary goal. Clients receive regular community visits to help maintain their housing and access referrals to other relevant community services.

Housing Help Worker: Our Housing Help Worker provides intake and assessments to support clients towards finding both market-rent and social housing and facilitates workshops on tenants’ rights and responsibilities. The Worker provides follow-up supports for clients that have completed Special Priority Program applications, to ensure housing stability and connections are made with community resources.

Landlord Recruitment Specialist: Our Specialist conducts outreach to prospective landlords in Scarborough, in order to build a registry of affordable and quality market-rent housing listings.

Opiate Addictions Services Project

This project is funded through SASP (Scarborough Addiction Services Partnership) and CAMH. It provides case management for those with opiate dependency, group supports, and public education workshops in the community.

Massage Parlour / Micro-Brothel Outreach

This program provides weekly HIV prevention outreach services to sex workers in micro brothels and massage parlors in Scarborough. It receives funding from Toronto Public Health and the MAC-AIDS Fund. Outreach workers travel to brothel and parlor locations each week to build rapport with the owners and sex trade workers and to distribute harm reduction supplies and accompany sex trade workers to sexual health clinics for testing for HIV and STI’s. Networking and outreach has been enhanced through the use of “We Chat” technology with clients, and the program has received interest across Canada and into Asia.

Financial Empowerment and Problem-Solving

Our Financial Empowerment and Problem-Solving program (FEPS) is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. It is a partnership including Prosper Canada that manages and distributes funds to ACSA, West Neighbourhood House and Jane-Finch Community and Family Centre. The program provides one-on-one financial coaching and support to empower clients to increase their financial problem-solving skills; income tax filing throughout the year; an annual income tax clinic in March and April; workshops on banking, credit and other budgeting; and volunteer opportunities.


Community voices

"We are a group of residents who care about our neighbourhood. We work together to make our community a better and safer neighbourhood."
Community Safety Ambassador, July 2015

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