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COMMUNITY SERVICES | Working with Scarborough residents to build strong and healthy communities

Food Security

ACSA's Food Security department offers year-round programming to help increase access to good, healthy food. With communal gardens, cooking programs, and nutritional education, ACSA takes a holistic approach to challenging food insecurity.



Community Gardens

At ACSA, gardeners and residents can access four different vegetable gardens. Located at Midland and Finch, McNicoll and Middlefield, and right at the Chester Le Community Corner, they provide clients with fresh, organic produce throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Three of the sites offer allotment-based membership, where clients can register for a plot for the season. They can grow their own veggies, and take home their harvest.

Our newest garden at Chester Le is a communal garden, where residents learn the basics of food growing. The produce harvested supplements ACSA’s cooking programs, and is also given to volunteers to take home.



Garden Socials

From June until the end of October, the Community Corner holds weekly Garden Socials. In this program, participants spend time in the community garden planting, harvesting, tending to vegetables, and learning new growing techniques. Afterwards, a large lunch is provided, and participants can socialize and make new connections in the community.



Youth Cooking

This 6 week long program is meant to engage the youth in essential cooking techinque and basic nutrition education. From learning about macronutrients to how to julienne carrots, this program will teach youth in the community about the amazing world of food. We take familar foods and add a healthy twist to it, such as creamy fusilli bucati pasta with lentil tomato sauce. 

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Unity Garden

For people that love to garden and cook, this is the place for you. Members will plant a variety of local produce at the Chester lee garden which will eventually be harvested and used as ingredients for the cooking component of this program. Each week, one participant will bring in a recipie from their hometown and share it with the class. This is a great way to grow a green thumb, cook new recipes from around the globe, and to meet new faces in the community.  

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Container Gardening

This workshop will show individuals how diapers can be used to grow plants. By combining the absorbent mixture found in diapers with plotting soil, it creates a super mixture that retains water better than conventional soil. Attend this workshop for your chance to see this magic soil brings life to plants! We offer workshops that range from one day to week-long. 




Edible Backyard

The aim of this program is to plant more trees! One tree at a time. 




Cooking Healthy Together

For parents of young children aged 0 to 6, Cooking Healthy Together is a six-week program that focuses on cooking with a low-income budget. With childminding included, parents can bring their children and learn ways to incorporate food bank and inexpensive supermarket items into a nutritious, family-friendly meal. Participants cook together, eat together, and take home recipes.



For more information regarding program, please contact Tyrzah M. at  



Community voices

“Having no other family in this country other than my children, the community hub became my second home.”
Fatima Abdille, Steeles-L'Amoreaux, June 2015

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