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COMMUNITY SERVICES | Working with Scarborough residents to build strong and healthy communities

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The Newcomers' Centre Team is a team of experts in newcomer settlement and integration.  We speak 14 languages and offer a variety of knowledge and expertise to help newcomers succeed in Canada.  Call us today!  We are here to help.


Call us at (416) 292-6912 ext. 3


Jamillah T. Mananghaya-Poernama, Manager (Tagalog)                        ext. 323    

Lorraine Arulnesan, Office Administrator (Tamil)                                  ext. 326 

Tracy Yu, Settlement Team Lead (Mandarin & Cantonese)                     ext. 325   

Karuna Wimalasuriya, Settlement Counselor (Sinhalese)                       ext. 324  

Nedal Alshiekh, Settlement Counselor (Arabic)                                     ext. 322  

Christine Markwell, Language & Training Specialist (French)                ext. 334

Lakshmi Rajan, Language Program Coordinator (Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Telagu)     ext. 321  

Evone Keyork, Settlement Counselor (Arabic, Armenian)                       ext. 333 

Sarah Liu, Settlement Counselor/Small Business Advisor (Mandarin)    ext. 332  

Shaden Jebahi, Project Lead of Legal Assistance Centre (Arabic)           ext. 335 

Annie Bana, Settlement Counselor (Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati)                     ext. 302 

Tania Ghazinehad, Settlement Counselor (Farsi)                                   647-567-5225

Sally Sarieddine, Settlement Counselor (Arabic)                                    416-803-7096

Christina Bilios, Language Training Specialist (Italian, Greek, French)  416-292-6912 ext. 318

Jamini Baskaran, Settlement Assistant (Tamil)                              



Community voices

“Having no other family in this country other than my children, the community hub became my second home.”
Fatima Abdille, Steeles-L'Amoreaux, June 2015

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